About Us

  Ningbo Phoenix Mountain Tourist Passenger Transport Co., Ltd. was established in July 2006 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Business scope of the permit to operate domestic tourism projects, inbound tourism, passenger transport; inter-city chartered passenger transport. General business projects business services, vehicle rental, Daigou cars, boats, air tickets.
Ministry of Tourism Development:
  Our company is currently a Beilun four-star travel agency with the title of the travel agency, we are a senior tone, the national senior tour guides, excellent tour guides composed of high-quality, highly dynamic and dedicated groups in the organization team and tourists reception has rich experience. In addition to conventional lines, also introduced industrial tours, agricultural tours, self-help travel, leisure and summer camps and other characteristics of the line.
  Quality and credibility is our consistent uphold, always put customer satisfaction in the first place, strengthen management of the zero defect, and strive to create "Phoenix Mountain tourist passenger" brand. We have established friendly cooperation relationship with many travel agencies and scenic spots, hotels and so on. We have set up a ticket office to sell domestic and international air tickets. We have established a service center in Ningbo Beilun, providing accommodation, aviation, entertainment and fleet service. Long network service system, to become your ideal partner and a trusted friend.
Development status of passenger fleet:
  The company has its own independent team, from the company to obtain operational qualifications, the team developed in an orderly manner. The existing 96 different models of buses and tourist commercial vehicles, following a large and medium-sized enterprise bus, passenger travel business. The company has engaged in a number of years engaged in safe driving qualifications, a high degree of professionalism of the outstanding drivers; and Ningbo Port Authority, Formosa Plastics, Tuopu Group, Fuyao Group, and other large enterprises signed a shuttle service agreement;
Company and the Beilun District Government also has Jiufeng Mountain free bus cooperation. In insurance, the company is also a considerable focus, third party vehicle insurance 1.5 million yuan, vehicle seat insurance 500,000 yuan / seat.
Company Culture:
  The Company to create "Phoenix Mountain tourist passenger" brand as the core values, all to customer needs as the center, hope that through professional standards and unremitting efforts of all staff to enhance the company's image.
company achievements:
  The company in 2012, 2014 selected Zhejiang hundred strong community. 2013 was rated on the "four-star travel agency in Zhejiang Province" for five consecutive years was included in the "Beilun District of Ningbo consumer trust units" for two consecutive years on the "Tourism System Enterprise Award" for two consecutive years was named " Travel Agency industry growth star "for two consecutive years was named" excellent travel agency in Ningbo City "
  The company takes "network", "scale" and "brand" as the development goal, with the wholehearted service, careful planning, pay attention to the characteristic for the management idea, strive for the visitor to provide reliable and thoughtful, high quality omnibearing travel service. Pro, take your luggage, to Phoenix Mountain tourist passenger, let us swim with it!


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